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symptomatic adj
1 characteristic or indicative of e.g. a disease; "a diagnostic sign of yellow fever"; "diagnostic information"; "a rash symptomatic of scarlet fever"; "symptomatic of insanity"; "a rise in crime symptomatic of social breakdown" [syn: diagnostic, symptomatic of(p)]
2 relating to or according to or affecting a symptom or symptoms; "symptomatic relief"; "symptomatic treatment"; "a symptomatic classification of diseases"

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  1. (of a disease) Showing symptoms.
  2. Relating to, based on, or constituting a symptom.
  3. If something is symptomatic of something else, especially something bad, it´s a sign of it.
    The city´s problems are symptomatic of the crisis that is spreading throughout the country.



showing symptoms
relating to a symptom

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In medicine, a disease is symptomatic when it is at a stage when the patient is experiencing symptoms. It is generally used in counterdistinction of asymptomatic (when the disease is inapparent).
Symptomatic treatment is the practice of treating a patient's symptoms, rather than the disease or injury itself.

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